Carbon offsetting with V-ZUG

Dear V-ZUG customer,

Thank you for choosing a V-ZUG appliance from carbon-neutral production. 

We’re delighted that you’re interested in offsetting the carbon emissions produced as a result of using your appliance through the V-Forest

We hope you get much enjoyment from the eco-friendly usage of your V-ZUG appliance and we’d like to thank you for your contribution.

Select a product for carbon offsetting:

Carbon offsetting with the V-Forest

In order to be carbon-neutral today, we have been fully offsetting our direct emissions and partially offsetting our indirect emissions since 2020 with our own forest – the V-Forest. We chose this project because reforestation is currently one of the most effective methods of removing CO₂ from the atmosphere and sequestering it for long-term storage. To ensure that our offsetting contributions are used as effectively as possible, we created a long-term partnership with the Ripa Gar Foundation.